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Things to Know about Microblading

The days of fine and super-thin brows are gone. Today, thick is seen qs beautiful. Microblading is one of the most well-known methods to improve your brows.


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People may not exactly know how the procedure works unless they are glued-in on the trending beauty cosmetics. More significantly, they don’t know if this is for them.

For individuals with thin eyebrows trying to consider having a semi-permanent fill, microblading may be an option. Here’s what people should know about this latest beauty trend. This includes associated risks, costs, and facts.

What is Microblading?

This is the latest and up-to-date semi-permanent makeup where a microblading artist creates the desired shape and fullness of the eyebrows through manual procedure of inserting pigment into the skin’s upper layers using a microblade.

Depending on the type of the skin, the effects could last up to 1 to 2 years, after which the pigment disappears. This leaves the natural brows and skin exactly as they were. The outcomes are very lifelike and natural. This gives the eyebrows a fuller and natural look.

How Much Does it Cost?

You are looking at spending around several hundred dollars for the process, wherever you go for microblading.

At several microblading services, they charge $550 for the microblading process and an extra fee of $70 for the aftercare. A lot of professionals highly suggest protecting the patient’s eyebrows that are newly-shaped.

What Does Microblading Aftercare Involve?

The patient must keep her eyebrow tattoo as dry as she could for the next ten days after the process. No water is permissible in the eyebrow area since this could result in the ink being washed out of their skin.

Also, most professionals recommend avoiding any hot holidays. This would cause the patient to over-sweat and push out the ink of their skin. This includes activities like saunas or gym.

Are They Any Side Effects of Microblading?

It is really common for the body to attempt to reject the inserted ink in the 1st session. Therefore, the patient might experience around 60 up to 80% rejection.

Professionals would recommend exfoliating over the eyebrow area two times a week to help decrease the pigment after the ten days of healing.

When Should a Person Get a Touch Up for Microblading?

Top-ups completely vary on the personal preference of the patient. A lot of professionals suggest their patient to rebook between six up to eight weeks to make sure all color and lines have taken, if the patient have had just 1 session. This would also give the patient a chance to make small alterations, like extra strokes.

Patients could rebook anywhere around 3 months up to 2 years once both sessions are done. It all comes down to the patient’s preference when requiring a top-up.


If brow tattooing is incorrectly done, it can’t be covered up easily. If this happens, the patient would probably endure extra fees to fix the process and manage complications. The ideal method to make sure the process is correctly done is by vetting the professional and the facility where the patient is considering getting the microblading completed.

What to be Aware Of

All cosmetic processes have possible risks connected to them. This includes permanent makeup tattooing and microblading.

Also, it is also significant to keep in mind that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) don’t regulate the color additive of the micropigmentation substances utilized in these cosmetic procedures.


When all the health standards are followed, the possibility of issues with permanent makeup processes is rare, according to the SPCP. This is especially true with regards to the sterilization and disinfection of the tools.

Also, medical complications might be related to post-procedural aftercare. However, these risks lower whenever the patient follows properly the given aftercare instructions.

The objective of microblading is to generate eyebrows that look natural. This is best for people who have thin eyebrows. The outcomes could last around 12 up to 24 months. Oftentimes, it would last longer. The eyebrow’s quality would vary on the job’s quality. That is why it is significant that the patient should choose a skilled and licensed esthetician.

No matter what the reason is, a person should consider a lot of things before undergoing the procedure. It is a risky process that may affect the life of a person if it is in the hands of a shady artist in San Bernardino County CA.

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